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Northport ArtWalk 2022
Artist/Musician Application


  • Fill out form below

  • Artists email three samples of the work you will be displaying to

  • Musicians provide the link to a current live performance on the form or email video of a current live performance to

  • Artists please remit payment via PayPal (refunded if not accepted) -$25 members/$30 nonmembers


If you'd prefer, you can also download the application and send it with photos and a check payable to Northport Arts Coalition to:

Northport Arts Coalition
P.O. Box 508
Northport, NY 11768

DEADLINE: AUGUST 21, 2022                          ArtWalk Member $25       ArtWalk Non Member $30


There are no commission fees for sales made during the Northport ArtWalk.  All sales belong solely to the artist.  Artists are responsible for accepting payments and making change.  The hosting merchant will not be supplying any packaging material for purchased artwork.

Art must be installed no later than noon of the day of ArtWalk 2022.  The artist is responsible for contacting their hosting merchant prior to the event to determine how much space they will be allowed to use and what methods of installation will be available to them (ie. hooks in walls, shelves, stands).  All installation materials must be supplied by the artist and must be completed by the artist and/or a representative of the artist, not by the hosting merchant.  At the end of the event, all artwork must be removed and the space must be left in the condition it was found.  An artist and merchant may agree to extend an exhibition beyond the day of the event, however, the extended exhibit will no longer be considered part of ArtWalk 2022, and the merchant and artist are solely responsible for the work.

Musicians, artists and hosts will be given each other's contact information prior to the event and must connect prior to the event to work out needs for display space, electricity, etc.

Jurying artists and musicians for ArtWalk 2022 will be the responsibility of the Northport ArtWalk committee.

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ArtWalk 2022 Artist and Musician Application and Waiver

I/We hereby make application to become an exhibitor/musician for ArtWalk 2022.  I/we release, forever discharge and hold harmless the Northport ArtWalk and the Northport Arts Coalition from all manner of actions, suits, damages, claims and demands whatsoever in law or in equity from any loss or damage to property of the undersigned while in possession or under the supervision of the Northport ArtWalk participating venues, their agents, representatives or employees.  I/we consent to enforcement of all rules relating to the Northport ArtWalk.  I/we give permission for photos or depiction of my/our work accepted for the Northport ArtWalk to be used for Northport ArtWalk publicity purposes.


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