The Northport Arts Coalition mission statement:

We are a group whose common vision is to create a vibrant hub for the Arts and Humanities.  Our mission is to inspire and support artists, and to help them make connections with other artists and with the larger community.  We strive to incorporate diverse venues for writers, visual artists, musicians, actors and dancers.  We embrace all art disciplines, welcome everyone's input, and look forward to planning & sponsoring artistic gatherings.


NAC Executive Board

Executive Director: Amy Connor

Treasurer: Tina Indenbaum

Art Director, Webmaster: Sandra Anello Ciraolo

Music Director: Manny Falzon

Board Member: Andrea Costa

Board Member: Christine Darch

Advisory Board Members: Daniel Paige, Lauren Paige

Program Coordinators

Linda Dickman: Poets in Port

Margaret Lassen and Sandy Edwards: Happenings on Main Street

Lauren Paige: Art in the Park

Sally Shorrock: Do-ing Music, Classical Music Series at the Library

Charlotte Koons: NAC 2nd Wednesdays at the Library

Manny Falzon: Starlight Coffeehouse

Andrea Miller: Northport Art Walk

Barbara Diaz: Daniel Gale Art Shows


Advisory Board

Roni Murillo: NAC graphic designer (posters)

Andrea Gomez: Editor of NAC Newsletters

Sandra Ciraolo: NAC webmaster/NAC Weekly Updates

Annette Kirk: Editor Art in the Park program

Ruthann Turekian Drewitz: Huntington Arts Council newsletter

Upcoming Events 
Poets In Port
Virtual Event
April 30, 7:30

© 2021 The Northport Arts Coalition

Daniel Gale Art Show
77 Main Street
Open during regular hours