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The Northport Arts Coalition welcomes your sponsorship and donations to assist in funding for the ArtWalk 2022. Sponsorship levels are:


  • Supporter - to $99 includes a listing on the ArtWalk 2022 map given to all ArtWalk visitors

  • Sponsor - $100-199 includes the above plus recognition in all ArtWalk promotional materials and social media postings, and a link to your website on NAC’s website

  • Musician Sponsor - $200+ includes everything above plus a Sponsor sign displayed with one of the musical performers stating that they are sponsored by your business

  • Event Sponsor – includes all of the Sponsor benefits plus shared billing with NAC as a presenter of the 2021 ArtWalk

  • Naming Sponsor - includes all of the Sponsor benefits plus naming rights for the 2022 event (i.e. Northport Arts Coalition presents the ACME Insurance ArtWalk 2022)

For more information or to become an Event or Naming Sponsor please contact Amy Connor, Northport Arts Coalition Executive Director at  or 631-261-1872.

If you would like to become a Supporter, a Sponsor or Musician Sponsor please fill out the form below and make your payment on our website. If you prefer to send by mail, click here to download the Sponsorship form and return it with your check, payable to Northport Arts Coalition to:

Northport Arts Coalition

PO Box 508

Northport, NY 11768

Northport ArtWalk 2022

Sponsor Information and Agreement

Northport ArtWalk Sponsor Agreement
By becoming a Sponsor for the 2022 Northport ArtWalk ___________________________________________ (name of Sponsor) agrees to release, forever discharge, and hold harmless the Northport Arts Coalition from all manner of actions, suits, damages, claims, and demands whatsoever in law or in equity from any loss or damage to property of the undersigned while in possession or under the supervision of the Northport ArtWalk participating venues, their agents, representatives or employees; consents to enforcement of all rules relating to the Northport ArtWalk; and gives permission for photos or depiction of the Sponsor and Sponsor’s logo to be used for Northport Arts Coalition promotional purposes.


Thank you for supporting the ArtWalk!

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