NAC Supporters/Volunteers

We would like to thank all our supporters and volunteers of the Northport Arts Coalition


Larry Moser - Sound technician and NAC videographer

Emily Eisen - Art in the Park children’s painting event

Rosemary Lombardi - Caffe Portofino - Poets in Port

James Olney & Janet Naideau - The Northport Public Library

Northport/East Northport Public Library

Donna Koch - Northport Village Hall

Northport Village Hall 

Northport Dept. of Highways and Parks 

Dorothy Walsh - Northport Chamber of Commerce

Northport Chamber of Commerce

Northport Historical Society

St. Paul’s United Methodist Church - Host for StarLight Coffeehouse

Copenhagen Bakery

David Dickman - Poets in Port sound technician

Marianna Krukas - Do-ing Music refreshments

Daniel Gale Sotheby's International Reality -


If you would like to volunteer , please email us at 

or fill out our volunteer application.


Thank you for your interest in NAC!

Upcoming Events 
Poets In Port
Virtual Event
January 29

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