Plein Air Painting and Music Event


Coordinators: Anthony Davis & Lauren Paige


This was a three day, juried event, in which plein air artists set up easels around Northport Harbor and town and painted for two days. On the second day, music was performed in the Village Gazebo. On the third day the “wet paints” were framed and hung in LaMantia Gallery, 127 Main Street, Northport for a silent auction. 

The Scudder Park Community 

Mural Project 2014


This mural was painted during the month of July, 2014. About 143 children, teens and adults from the community participated in the painting. The mural was designed and

supervised by artist Lucienne Pereira.


This project was sponsored by the Northport Arts Coalition and funded by a grant from Suffolk County with additional donations from the Village of Northport, Riverhead Building Supply and Sherwin Williams.


Special thanks to Mayor George Doll, Village Hall, Board of Trustees; Jeremy Maline and Damon McMullen, Department of Highway and Parks; Bryan Hartt, Kevin Kenney and frame builders Jake Milliken, Jose Reves, Dan Herron and Conner

Tinker. Also thanks to Christian Granelli, Derek Rogers of the Nature Conservancy, Long Island Sound Study at Stony Brook, Cow Harbor Bait & Tackle of Northport, Youth Directions and Alternatives (YDA), Northport Ocean Avenue School PTA,

and the Northport-East Northport Summer Program.

Long Island Sound and Art Festivals


Coordinator: Rich Rivkin


This unique summer event was in collaboration with Rich Rivkin’s Live Art Fusion Painting and Music Events. It featured music in the Northport Village Gazebo and artists painting in the park. A fun day for the entire family. 

Student Village Hall Art Shows

The Village Hall Art Show wass a collaborative venture with the Northport/East Northport School District’s Visual Arts Department to display high school, middle school and elementary students’ art work. Three  shows a year ran from January through June, with each having an official opening. Works remain in the court room for the duration of each show. Village Hall is located at 224 Main Street, Northport.

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