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Long Island Poetry Collective

Founded in 1973, the Long Island Poetry Collective promotes and supports poetry throughout the region.  According to Beverly Smith, Long Island Poetry Collective chairperson, "Poets are basically the heart and soul of the community.  They give a pulse beat on what's happening spiritually, politically and emotionally.  For this reason, it's vital to be supportive of poetry.  It keeps us in touch with our community."

Toward this end, the collective publishes annual editions of the internationally known literary journal Xanadu, which receives worldwide submissions.  Every two months, the Poetry Collective publishes Poet Times, its newsletter chock-full of poetry as well as other literary opportunities for poets. Long Island Poetry Collective also hosts an on-air poetry program out of Stony Brook University's college radio station.  In addition, the organization also offers weekly Peer Workshops on Thursdays evenings at 7:30 p.m. at Huntington Public Library; the public is invited to participate by bringing ten copies of their own poetry to the shared oetry readings/discussions.  For more information, call Beverly Smith at 631-673-0193

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